Our Story

The goal of Nickels into Dimes is to provide you the knowledge and tools to secure your financial future. Our intent is to share with you our real-life experiences with money, family & life. The good, the bad & the UGLY! We will not sugar coat the results. We will tell you what has worked for us, and what has not. Any reviews we provide will be how we truly feel. Your results of course may be different… but you can count on us to be truthful.

Our Story~

My wife and I met the first day of college and have been partners in life ever since. I have spent the better part of my career in corporate finance, but most of the tips we hope to share with you we have learned outside of school or the workplace.

Nearly twenty years ago, my wife made the decision to focus full-time on raising our two sons. It is a decision that we have never regretted, as our boys have grown to be amazing young men.

Though it may not be the right decision for your situation, learning to live as a single-income family taught us valuable lessons on setting priorities when making financial choices.

We live in small three-bedroom home in the suburbs, drive non-luxury vehicles, and practice the financial strategy of paying ourself first. These choices have allowed us to achieve our financial goals of traveling as a family every year (Maui is our favorite vacation destination), putting our son’s through college, increasing the equity in our home, and continuing to invest in our future through our retirements accounts.

Your financial goals

Your financial goals may be very different from our own, but the process of making the right financial decisions will be very much the same. Money does not have to be complicated. Our aim is to strip away the B.S. and provide you tips on how you too can reach your financial goals by increasing income, reducing spending & optimizing your investment returns.

Nickels into Dimes will focus on the following topics

  • Making Money
  • Reducing Spending
  • Building Wealth
  • Real Estate
  • Investing
  • Paying off debt
  • Credit Cards & Travel Rewards
  • Net Worth
  • Starting a blog
  • Working for yourself